Robert Strong, Comedy Magician

It all started when young Robert Strong visited Baltimore. A magician in the Amphitheater mesmerized him. At that moment Robert vowed to be the best magician ever. His parents considered therapy, but magic lessons were cheaper.

Robert continued training at Tannen’s Magic School in New York and Towson University in Maryland. He then studied with touring stand-up comedians, Cirque du Soleil choreographers, Ringling Brothers circus clowns, Broadway directors, and world-class jugglers.

Because Robert has worked all over the world, he has mastered performing for multi-lingual audiences. His shows are very visual. Robert has starred in a number of national television commercials, and made appearances on every major network! Wherever Robert goes, he still carries that sense of wonder and passion for magic that he first experienced as a youngster in Baltimore, but now he is the one doing the entertaining!

Matt Jergens, Juggler

Matt Jergens learned how to juggle in 1993, back in his senior year of high school. One of his fellow students taught him how to toss and catch two objects in one hand using clay balls that they made in pottery class. From that small bit of success, a spark ignited. Over the next couple of years, he met other jugglers, mostly at local juggling clubs, and tried to absorb all of the new and fascinating ways to manipulate objects.

Then, during his sophomore year at Ohio State, Matt had the fortunate luck to have a roommate that was a professional magician. This was truly a blessing as the magician was able to teach Matt the business side of show business. He taught him how to work with agents and create promotional material. During the rest of his years at Ohio State, he used the money that came in from juggling gigs to pay his way through school.

After graduation, Matt decided to see where this career path would lead so he packed up his things and he hit the road. During this time he started working for venues such as Holland America Cruise Lines, Universal Studios Florida, Hershey Park, Foxwoods Resort/Casino and many others.

Since then, he has kept adding to an extensive client base and enjoys traveling to events nationwide from his home outside of Columbus, Ohio.

David Kaplan

Illusion, music, juggling and deadpan comedy collide in this vaudevillesque spectacle.

Inspired by the antics of Keaton, Sellers, Victor Borge, the Smothers Brothers and the illustrious Wile E. Coyote among others, “The Great” David Kaplan welcomes spectators young and old into a wonderfully strange world they will not soon forget.

Perhaps Kaplan’s most spectacular accomplishment is emerging from the performance in one piece. As his world seemingly crumbles, he manages to tame a rogue bowling ball, juggle furniture, perform feats of prestidigitation, and play melodies on 
“concert balloon”, turkey baster and his great grandfather’s ukulele, — all to the delight of a charmed audience.

Notable shows include a recent performance as guest ‘balloonist’ with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and network television appearances on 
ABC TV’s “The View” and “The Statler Brothers Show” on TNN. David has headlined internationally in theatres and on major cruise lines, from Alaska to the Mediterranean to Tahiti. He has also opened shows for renowned performers including Steven Wright, Bobby Vinton, David Spade, Leon Redbone, David Brenner, Harry Blackstone Jr., and the Smothers Brothers.

Jon Petz, Host

Business Magician and Corporate Speaker Jon Petz performs primarily for corporate and industry conferences and meeting around the country.

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